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The coveted Blue Badge is the British national standard guiding qualification and internationally recognised bench mark of excellence. Blue Badge Guides are selected and trained by an Institute of Tourist Guiding approved training provider and examined by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. The training is detailed and comprehensive, the examinations rigorous and registration an achievement. The course lasts for approximately eighteen months. This was awarded by regional Tourist Boards from 1969, so that every guide would have the same background of national core knowledge combined with in-depth local knowledge. As well as acquiring knowledge, Blue Badge Guides are trained in the selection and presentation of material. Blue Badge is recognised internationally. Blue Badge Guides have a wide range of languages, specialities and interests, and can guide on foot, in cars, on coaches, on trains and on boats.

Our “Rendez-Vous” branch provides tours and talks in French. Click here to be taken to our dedicated website for tours for French-speaking guests.

We would like to offer guided walks to Deaf BSL users this year. Bobbie is two thirds of the way through her BSL Level 3 exams so is competent in BSL but will be offering this service free of charge whilst she is still a student.

If you are a BSL user and would like a tour (you are welcome to bring a hearing friend) please text: 07770 933117 or e-mail contact@windsoretontour.com

Tours generally last one and a half hours.

See: Guildhall, external castle walls and gateway, original market place area, Great Park, river Thames, Victorian train station, Georgian and Victorian houses, “The Crooked House”.

Learn: How Windsor got its name, history of the castle and town, traditions, soldiers and the Household Division, kings and queens who have lived in the castle, ghosts who haunt the area, famous writers and architects, funny stories.