Windsor Castle

Let me show you around the world’s oldest and largest inhabited castle built back in 1070 by a Frenchman! The jewel in the crown is St George’s Chapel where 10 kings and 1 queen of England are buried: our late Queen Elizabeth II is buried with her family.  Did you know that King Henry VIII is also buried in the chapel alongside wife no 3? St George’s Chapel is also home to the world’s oldest order of chivalry, the Order of the Garter.

Windsor Castle at night
Windsor Town which can be seen on the Windsor Town Tour with Debbie Keenan


Windsor Town

Windsor Town – from the glory of the Great Park to the splendour of the riverside, let me show you around this splendid old town with sights including the famous 17th century Guildhall where King Charles married Camilla back in April 2005 and the Central railway where Queen Victoria was nearly assassinated back in 1882.



Older than Windsor, this town is well-known for its famous school, Eton College, founded back in 1440 by one of the kings buried in St George’s Chapel. I can show you the outside of the school and also a very interesting old postbox that has fought for its existence for many years!!

Eton College
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
View of Henley across the river
Image by rcro from Pixabay



Let me show you around this beautiful riverside town famous for its annual regatta. The town dates back to the 12th century and has a wonderful museum, The River and Rowing Museum. There is a famous ghost in Henley and we can have a look at some of the places that she is still said to haunt. Did you know that the 4th oldest provisional theatre in the country can be found in Henley?



I have strong links with Marlow as my family live here and I just love it. It is a quintessential English town famous for its suspension bridge and Georgian High Street. It has something for everyone – poets and rowers and did you know that there is also a link with Sandhurst in the town?

Marlow in Buckinghamshire
Photo by Ian Branch on Unsplash

Speciality Tours

Herne The Hunter


Ghost Tours

The town of Windsor is very old and so there are plenty of ghosts in both the town and castle. Come and let me tell you of ghosts in the castle and town, culminating in that most famous of ghosts, Herne the Hunter, said to haunt the Great Park to this day. I take two ghost tours every year for the Windsor Festival.



The wonderful meadow where King John made his mark on the Great Charter, better known today as Magna Carta. Did you know that King John could not write? There is a lot to see, including the Magna Carta memorial, the memorial to JFK and the Jurors Chairs. I think Magna Carta is perhaps our greatest export to the world.

Image of The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Entrance to Windsor Castle


Shakespeare in Windsor

The Bard spent some time in Windsor when Queen Elizabeth I wanted him to write a play about the town in 1597. Can you quess which play he wrote about Windsor? There are many places in town that he must have visited and are mentioned in the play, including the ghost of the Great Park. It is a play that I have performed in so have a soft spot for it.


Midsumer Murders and Vicar of Dibley

These film location tours are very popular and I take a lot of visiting Americans around the film locations every summer. Located in the Chiltern and Oxfordshire area, the towns are typically English such as Thame and Dorchester-on-Thames with its famous 12th century abbey.
In Turville, the site of the Vicar of Dibley, have a pint in The Bull and Butcher and climb up the hill to the famous windmill where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was filmed.

Marlow in Buckinghamshire
Queen Elizabeth II


Jubilees in Windsor

Queen Victoria and the late Queen Elizabeth II both achieved their Diamond Jubilees (65 years on the throne) and Queen Elizabeth is the only British monarch to reach the heights of the Platinum Jubilee (70 years on the throne). However, there are other monarchs throughout the ages that achieved a jubilee, including King James I of both England and Scotland.


Pub Walks

The origins of Public Houses can be traced through the ages. In fact, the first British pub started life as an Italian wine bar as it was the Romans who first brought pubs, known as tabernae, in AD43.

Hostelties have long been central to people’s lives and no more so than here in Windsor. Records show the town was once home to 11 breweries and in 1577, there was one alehouse for every 150 people. By 1657, Windsor had 49 alehouses and by the 1800’s, many of Windsor’s current pubs were in existence.

Come on a tour and discover more about Windsor’s varied collection of drinking establishments, past and present.

Image of an English Pub


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